Routes to Pedro Calungsod Templete

Tomorrow, November 30, marks the remembrance of two Filipino martyrs. One, Andres Bonifacio, sacrificed his life for the liberation and salvation of the Filipino people from colonial Spain via armed revolution. The other, Pedro Calungsod, whose martyrdom was for the salvation of souls via his Catholic faith more than a century before Bonifacio’s birth.

With the National Thanksgiving Day for the sainthood of San Pedro Calungsod tomorrow (November 30, Bonifacio Day will be sidelined because of this. tsk.), all roads in Cebu City will lead to the Pedro Calungsod Templete. The site is at the Cebu City South Road Properties (SRP) right across the SM Seaside City construction area.

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Security policy prevents vehicles, except for VIPs, from going near the site. The expected volume of traffic and lack of parking near the area tells us to take a walk instead.

The shortest route will be to go via the N. Bacalso Avenue near the Mambaling flyover. From there, you can take a walk or ride the trisikad (“padyak” or “pedicab”), if they will be allowed, to get you to the site.

Google Map directions to the Pedro Calungsod Templete

If you are near Plaza Independencia or the Basilica del Sto. Niño, you may take the South Coastal Road entry way near the Malacanang sa Sugbo or the Cebu City Hall.

Google Map directions from Plaza Independencia to Pedro Calungsod Templete

For those coming from southern Cebu, I do not know up to where in the southern end of the Cebu South Coastal Road will be closed so better read up advisories in your area.

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