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Been to 5 Cebu falls, more to go

Not just beaches, Cebu is also home to an array of waterfalls each offering a different set of features and feel for your travel adventure.

Thanks to the long stretch of mountains running through the “spine” of Cebu, chances are high that the town you are in has a waterfall waiting to be explored.

I have visited just five waterfalls yet, so I still have a long way to go…

mantayupan 2

1. Mantayupan Falls

Mantayupan Falls is the first I visited. It is quite popular in Barili, Cebu. During weekends, barkadas and families flock this waterfall usually sharing a meal and some buckets of beer.

tumalog 1

2. Tumalog Falls

The beautiful Tumalog Falls is the usual side trip of people who go butanding or whaleshark watching in Oslob, Cebu. Quite unique, Tumalog is a long cascade of water falling like raindrops from a roof. Its wall allows for pictures and poses that give you a certain level of “emote”. You can also wade through its chest-deep fresh lagoon to chill your aching muscles. [Update: For your safety, better not come too close to its wall since some rocks or tree branches suddenly do their own free fall.]

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3. Dao Falls

Dao Falls in Samboan town is quite a long trek through coconut trees and some hills. Dao’s features makes it similar to a dam with water slowly sliding down from the main discharge. (http://bisdak.org/2014/places/this-falls-adventure-is-true-in-samboan-part-1-dao-falls/)

aguinid 2

aguinid 1

[For the summer, you may also want to try this travel itinerary in south Cebu. http://bisdak.org/2016/places/south-cebu-drive-by-osmena-peak-tumalog-falls-cangcua-ay-beach-and-aguinid-waterfalls/]

4. Aguinid Falls

Aguinid Falls also located in Samboan is my favorite so far since it offers spectacular views of its rushing waters and lagoons. Safe for swimming for most people since the water is just knee to chest-deep. The climb is manageable for most amateur trekkers. (See: http://bisdak.org/2014/places/this-falls-adventure-is-true-in-samboan-part-2-aguinid-falls/)

kawasan 1 (480x640)

5. Kawasan Falls

Already popular decades ago, Kawasan Falls in Badian remains a crowd favorite to their Cebu travel itinerary. Droves of people flock to this destination especially on weekends. It is better to visit this place on off peak weekdays. Stalls and other commercial structures are irritants to this beautiful place.


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