A Taste of Iloilo

By force of circumstance, Iloilo has become one of my frequented places outside Cebu. Joined student congresses there back in college, faculty meetings / trainings when I was an instructor in the state university, and project presentations / field work for my present job.

However, the several visits to Iloilo City were pretty brief so food tasting were just limited to talaba, biscocho, and butterscotchMy Iloilo heritage tours were just quick visits to get photo clicks of old mansions and churches. (Photos were taken December, 2013.)

Wawa Heritage Restaurant.

20131211_094742 (640x480)
The Ledesma Mansion, also referred to as the Leaning House / Mansion, is located near the Jaro Plaza.
20131211_090337 (640x480)
Museo Iloilo. The museum is just right beside the Iloilo Provincial Capitol.
20131211_095043 (640x480)
Jaro Cathedral.
20131211_095202 (640x480)
The Jaro Cathedral is said to house an all-male roster of saints.
20131211_100925 (640x480)
Casa Mariquit. Just a walk away from the Biscocho House.
20131211_101127 (640x480)
Biscocho House. My favorite for pasalubong.

After official duties were done, I had a chance to have a quick meetup and dinner at Wawa Heritage Restaurant. The restaurant is easy to find with its well-lit facade peeking amongst sleepy establishments near the Jaro Plaza.


The interiors of Wawa Heritage Restaurant is eclectic. It makes use of an artful mix of native pieces and historical accents. The food in their menu gives us a glimpse of Iloilo cuisine –a candidate for Where to Eat in Iloilo. Ilonggo pride is beaming in this restaurant.


We had a good serving of binakol, linutak, guyabano juice, and sisig. Servings are a bit pricey for a small group.


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