Lake Balanan, Siaton, Negros Oriental

Lake Balanan, Siaton, Negros Oriental

Nestled in Siaton, Negros Oriental, Lake Balanan is a recommended retreat for those visiting Dumaguete City.

The lush greens and cool waters of Lake Balanan natural reserve give a perfect setting for adventure activities such as trekking, swimming (at the pools only), kayaking, boating, ziplining, and meditation. I would love for Cebu  City to have this kind sanctuary for weekend trips. Would be my go-to itinerary, if ever.

With a scenery perfect for picture-taking, make sure you have a fully-charged camera and/or a spare battery.

Lake Balanan

Lake Balanan reserve still host communities. Locals cross the lake using a raft.
Lake Balanan reserve still hosts communities. Locals cross the lake using a raft.

Lake Balanan

The staff seems to presume that guests already know every thing there is in Lake Balanan so better be inquisitive. (~We didn’t know the kayak can reach the waterfalls.) No lifeguard apparently, hence, make sure that you know how to kayak, paddle boat, or swim.

For those who wish to stay for the night, the place have rooms and a tree house at the rate of P1500 to P2000. They charge P150 for camping.

Going to Lake Balanan

If you travel to Lake Balanan via public transport, take a bus from Dumaguete City. The commute to Siaton town is about 2 hours by bus (Ceres Liner). Make sure to ask the bus conductor / driver to make a stop at the habal-habal (motorcycle) station or the town market of Siaton.

A good talent at haggling would be handy to get a habal-habal ride at a reasonable price. A one-way trip should be more or less P200 (P50/person for group of 4; P100/person for a group of 2). The first driver that approached us asked for P300-400 for just a one-way trip. The staggering price made us think twice so we just proceeded to ask around near the public market to get a good deal.

The habal-habal ride to Lake Balanan will take you through a hilly terrain (not life threatening).

Entrance is P50 per adult.

The road to Lake Balanan.
The road to Lake Balanan.
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