Antonia Beach

Gigantes Islands

Located in Iloilo’s north, the beautiful Gigantes Islands of Carles Municipality share the Visayan Sea with the fisherfolks of Negros Occidental and Cebu. Going there would take around 2 hours of land travel (private vehicle) from Iloilo City to Estancia port and another 3 hours through the sea on a motorized banca from Estancia town.

The boat-ride is quite rough so those who are prone to sea-sickness or motion-sickness better take some medicine beforehand.

Your island hopping itinerary would be a mix of white islands and sandbar, the blue sea, a “living” cave, and good dose of fun minus the distraction of a mobile connection. To top that, cheap fresh seafoods abound. Shells sell at around 200 pesos to fill a basin.


Estancia Port
Estancia Port. Fish coming from different parts of Iloilo including Bantayan, Cebu are marketed here.


The blue sky and the deep blue sea.


Antonia Beach
Antonia Beach (Island). The island is what we usually see when you do a web search of Gigantes Islands. A banana boat ride plus rough waves makes an added thrill to your adventure.


Antonia Beach
Antonia Beach


Pawikan Cave, Isla de Gigantes Sur
Pawikan Cave, Isla de Gigantes Sur. Its chamber has housed residents to safety during strong typhoons.


Pawikan Cave
Pawikan cave’s inner chamber is home to sparkly stalactites and stalagmites.


Stone walls


Tangke Salt Water "Hidden" Lagoon.
Tangke Salt Water “Hidden” Lagoon.


A trip to Gigantes Islands is an opportunity for a good glimpse of a sunrise or a sunset.


FRESH Seafood overload.
FRESH Seafood overload.


Young residents display their wares for those wanting for souvenirs.
Young residents display their wares for those wanting for souvenirs. She sells seashells (not) by the seashore.
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