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DOT Philippines Invades London’s Waterloo Station

Do you ever wonder how people as far back as those from the United Kingdom find their way to the Philippines for a holiday? Of course, there is the ever reliable Google that most tech savvy people turn to when looking up for specific information. But what of the ordinary people who are far too busy to hit the Internet? How do they find out that the Philippines is even a worthy travel destination?

Philippine Tourism Invades Waterloo Station


Well, spreading information and disseminating to the rest of the world the beauty that is the Philippines is the job of our Department of Tourism (DOT). Our DOT is responsible for creating Audio Visual Presentations (AVPs) to market Philippine Tourism to the world. This year, our DOT Philippines mounted one of the biggest campaigns and introduced(or reintroduced) our beautiful island destinations to people in London. They mounted a month-long campaign called Visit Philippines Again 2016 at London’s Waterloo Station – the busiest train station in England’s capital. DOT Philippines has truly outdone themselves in creating this marvelous tourism campaign. The campaign at London’s Waterloo Station featured a special immersion zone. Here, commuters are made to taste and feel the country’s beauty and shown many things to have “more fun” overall experience when they visit the Philippines. To encourage participation from Londoners and visitors alike, commuters were given instant prizes and a chance to win a holiday to the Philippines. In order to win, Waterloo Station commuters took part in any one of the activities such as taking “foot selfies” using floor stickers mapped around the station course, taking part in the 3D selfie stand, and experiencing the Philippine islands in the virtual reality pods that features the 360 images of Philippine scenery taken by our very own Rommel C. Bundalian.

In addition to the experiential zone, the campaign also featured a month-long Philippine branding presence at the station including London Waterloo’s large motion digital screen, which is Europe’s largest digital motion display, floor media, large banners and showcase offers from Secret Escapes, Hayes and Jarvis, Explore, Dive Worldwide, Netflights and Philippine Airlines.

Can’t quite picture how DOT Philippines did the campaign? Well, check out this video from the YouTube channel of PDOT London.
Enjoy and be amazed at how awesome this Philippine Tourism campaign at London’s Waterloo Station is!

Now folks, you now know how Philippine Tourism is marketed to the people in the United Kingdom. What do you think of the campaign?

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Water and Sands in the Philippines

Just a few days ago Cebu registered a high 44.1 degrees heat index according to PAG-ASA Mactan. According to the said local state weather bureau, the heat index (also called human discomfort index) is the actual temperature felt by the body based on air temperature, humidity, and the surrounding environment. Quite a number of people on my FB feed shouted their discomfort with a slew of posts ranging from how polar caps are melting to comparisons of heat felt to the fires of hell reiterating how HOT this summer is becoming.

When it is this HOT, you can’t helped but think of the many places you’d rather want to be than stay at your sauna-like home. Luckily, the Philippines is blessed with a lot of wonderful places offering escape from the summer heat. As an archipelago, our country literally abounds with bodies of water that will refresh you!!! Here are a few outside of Cebu that I was fortunate enough to have visited over the years. I believe these will give you reason to hop on a ferry or book your next flight out of the city!


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