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Locals take the best photos

Picture-taking is the usual must-do when travelling. Landscape shots, selfies, groufies are the go to photography routines. Getting the best photos is easily achieved though with the help of locals who are more familiar with the location. In some tourist spots, locals get trained by the Department of Tourism or Local Government Unit in order for the former to give tourists a hand in capturing the best scenes and angles of the place. Continue reading Locals take the best photos

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Early campaigning?

Green Citom Cebu City

Green Citom Cebu City
CITOM turns green.

Most of us are so immune to color that we do not even realize how it affects our mood or behavior. Advertisers and marketers have spent vast amounts of time and money in attempts to sway or engage consumers into utilizing their services or buying their products. It is not by accident that the CocaCola™ logo and cans have remained red for decades. In fact, even the mention of CocaCola™, probably had you immediately associate the product with the color red. –Keri of

CITOM personnel which are constant fixtures in Cebu City’s roads suddenly changed their uniforms to green. I guess election season is heating up.

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A quick visit to The Ruins

The Ruins, Bacolod City.
The Ruins, Bacolod City.

Thanks to a late flight schedule back to Cebu, our LiDAR research team was able to make a quick tour around Talisay, Negros Occidental’s famous The Ruins.

To go to The Ruins from Talisay City, we rode a jeepney to take us to Bangga Pepsi in Bata, Bacolod City. We then took a tricycle to get us to the place.

The Ruins
The restoration efforts around The Ruins has transformed an abandoned, rundown mansion into Negros Occidental’s most famous tourist spot.

The Ruins is what remains of the gutted mansion of the Lacson clan. It was built by Don Mariano Lacson as tribute to Maria Braga, his first wife. Filipino revolutionaries during World War 2 decided to burn down the mansion in a strategic move to prevent the Japanese forces from converting the mansion into a military headquarter.

Got lucky when we chanced upon Roger Lucero leading a group in the mansion. Roger is the tour guide who is as famous as Bacolod, Talisay City, and the tourist spot because of his unusually funny wordplay and stories.

Roger, the funny guide, of The Ruins
Roger (in pink) introduces the history of The Ruins. This famous tour guide is now part of ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother 737.
Roger of The Ruins
Roger makes touring The Ruins a session of laughter and historical lessons.
With Roger of The Ruins
Team photo op with Roger.
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