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Escaping the Mandaue traffic

Mandaue traffic
Not particularly in Mandaue. But traffic has become a nightly hassle going up north.

Traveling north of Cebu through Mandaue City after work has been a hassle recently due to the heavy traffic caused by the drainage construction along segments of the Cebu North Road.

With the help of Waze, I get to try out new routes to possibly escape the long hours of driving through the traffic jam around Metro Cebu. ‘Possibly’ since not all routes turn out well for the purpose.

Here is the route I got led to by the app to relieve myself of the traffic. Take caution. The streets you’ll drive along are sometimes narrow and dark. Take caution of the ditches at your side. Driving time from the Maguikay bridge to the corner of H. Abellana and the North Road was about 30-40 minutes.

Here is the route:

1. From M. C. Briones Street (“Hiway”), take M. L. Quezon Avenue instead of driving up the flyover.

2. Turn right to Mardonio Ceniza Street.

3. At the end of Mardonio Ceniza Street, turn left and take B. Suico Street.

4. When you get past the intersection of B. Suico Street and P. Sanchez/Pagsabungan Road, turn right on the first corner and drive about 500m.

5. Turn right after 500m. The street will be narrow and will require a lot of giving way to vehicles driving the opposite direction.

6.Turn right at the end of the street and you’ll exit to H. Abellana Street. Just a few meters to exit to the North Road.

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Text not appearing in Chrome after WordPress update

Text not displaying in Chrome
Text has not been displaying in Chrome since my website update to the newest WordPress version.

I noticed that my website ( views suddenly dwindled the past few days. Checking my site, I was surprised that the text content is not appearing on my front page. Continue reading Text not appearing in Chrome after WordPress update

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Map your visitors (Adding ClustrMaps to your free WordPress blog)

Adding custom plug-ins is difficult for non-paying users of WordPress. Thus, we have to content ourselves with the built-in widgets provided by the free version of WordPress.

I wanted to map the location of my site’s visitors. Luckily, I was able to find ClustrMaps (


The application claims that it allows you to:

Display your ClustrMaps widget as a ‘badge of pride’ on your site so that everyone can see at a glance how the community is distributed. Some rival tools do not let you make this information public, but sites deploying ClustrMaps love to show off their readership! (

To add the ClustrMaps widget to your sidebar, you need to:

  1. Register at ClustrMaps.
  2. Once you are registered, expect a password sent via your specified e-mail and then, log in.
  3. After logging in, select the minimalist style. Copy the code that appears in the box.
  4. Navigate to your Widget controls in WordPress.
  5. Drag the Text widget to your desired sidebar or widget area.
  6. Specify a title for your widget. Paste the code you earlier copied from ClustrMaps in the box below the title field.
  7. Press Save button.
  8. Voila!
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