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Removing bloatware from my Android phone

My Alcatel One Touch 918n is suffering from limited internal memory. While a good number of Android apps would be useful for my phone, the memory problem is such a hassle.

For those like me who cannot afford the more expensive smartphones, we have to deal with the problem and rely on some freewares for a better performing device.

Many of the pre-installed apps are rather useless and impractical to keep. Tried App2SD but there was no significant increase in memory space.

Luckily, after scouring for help via Google and some forum websites, I got to learn about rooting an Android phone. The procedure is quite confusing but a few ounce of patience got me through the task.

Now, to remove the bloatwares, I installed Root Uninstaller and was able to get around 50MB of new space. A good utility for a freeware app.

Just be careful not to delete system files, else, you will have to make a factory reset and go through all the hassle again.

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Mosquito coil = 100 cigarettes

Bumped into an article from Times of India which mentions the risk of mosquito repellent coils. Considering that these mosquito coils can irritate/repel mosquitoes, humans are surely negatively affected by the coils’ smoke.

The article reads:

Smoke emitted from one mosquito repellant coil is equivalent to those of 100 cigarettes, thus causing harm to a large number of people in India, an expert said Wednesday.

“Not many people know about it, but the damage done to your lungs by one mosquito coil is equivalent to the damage done by 100 cigarettes. This was according to a recent study conducted in Malyasia,” said Chest Research Foundation director Sandeep Salvi.

The advertisement “Lamok, siguradong tepok.” should now add “Ikaw rin tepok.”

You can read the full article here:

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Pinoy jokes (Fish edition)

The best past time for lazy moments is to answer jokes, pinoy-style:

1. Anong tawag sa isdang hinati sa dalawa?

2. Anong tawag sa isdang hinati 5 times?

3. Anong tawag sa pinakamatandang isda?

Got this from a thread in Tristan Cafe Pinoy Forum (



[Credits to Wikimedia Commons for the image above. Accessed at on 03 July 2011]

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PHL vs Sri Lanka Game 2 today, 3PM

Game will be aired later at 3PM over Studio 23.

Azkals in high spirits, all set vs Sri Lanka
Posted at 07/03/2011 1:17 AM | Updated as of 07/03/2011 7:14 AM

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Azkals are ready to go for their home game against the Sri Lankan Brave Reds at the Rizal Memorial Stadium on Sunday as they tangle for the right to advance to the next round of the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

The Nationals are positive that the hometown advantage will give them the needed boost to get past Sri Lanka, which held them to a 1-1 draw last Wednesday.

Filipino-American Nate Burkey, who scored the team’s lone goal against Sri Lanka, said some of his supporters from the United States will be in the Philippines to watch the game.

“We’re in high spirits as of the moment. We’re gonna give 100% on tomorrow’s (Sunday) match,” said Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo.

For his part, player Anton del Rosario said, “Going home makes a huge difference.”

It would be a historical feat for the Azkals if they get past the Brave Reds as this would mark the first time that the Philippines will advance in a FIFA qualifier.

If they beat Sri Lanka, the Nationals will face higher-ranked Kuwait next.

“Iba ‘yung preparation dito, hindi lang para sa Sri Lanka pati para sa Kuwait,” said team co-captain Chieffy Caligdong.

Asked if they are pressured by their fans’ expectations, Azkals coach Hans Weiss said, “There’s no pressure. The pressure is they could not eat out of excitement and happiness.”

Azkals fans to come in full force; Sri Lankans unfazed

Thousands of Filipino fans are expected to come in full force to the refurbished Rizal Memorial Stadium on Sunday.

Among them are Richard “Ebong” Joson of the Azkals’ fan group “Kaholeros” (Barkers), who assured the Nationals their full support.

“The biggest difference now when they (Sri Lankans) come over here is that the Kaholeros and the rest of the nation will be behind the Azkals,” he said in an interview on ANC’s “Hardball.”

The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) even announced that there will be hundreds more tickets available to accommodate more Azkals fans.

The tickets will come from Sri Lanka’s share as the PFF’s supply has already run out.

Sri Lankan football team captain Rohana Ruwanthilake, however, said they don’t mind playing in front of a hostile crowd.

“It doesn’t matter…we want to win the match tomorrow,” he said.

Sri Lanka’s South Korean coach, Jang Jung, for his part said his team’s morale is high owing to their success in suppressing the Azkals during their last match.

He refused to reveal if they will make changes in their strategy on Sunday.

“Why would I say [it] here? You come tomorrow then you’ll know,” Jang said, laughing.

“Their morale is so high, I think they are ready,” he said of the Brave Reds.

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The punching mayor of Davao City

An account from Engr. Mon Ramirez of Arkibong Bayan.

It now appears that:

1. On Thursday, Mayor Duterte had asked the court to delay the demolition because the residents were ready to fight back and she knew it would turn bloody. The lawyer of the residents had filed a petition for a TRO.

2. On Friday. the Mayor asked the demolition team to stay the execution of the order for 2 hours but the sheriff refused..

She probably knew that Judge Carpio, an uncle-in-law, had signed a document ordering the deferment of the demolition for 10 days, effective Friday,  “if only to defuse the social unrest and explosive atmosphere that presently pervade the area in controversy, and to avoid possible bloodshed.”

If the punches were not there and the demolition continued as insisted by the sheriff, one can imagine the bloody confrontation that would hve ensued.

That is the context of the punch in which one should judge the incident.

And here is Bob Marley’s song about a sheriff.



From the Inquirer report:

Duterte had rushed to Barangay Soliman upon being told that a police-backed team was preparing to demolish the shanties of 217 families in the face of angry residents armed with darts, other bladed weapons and hard objects.

In the initial confrontation between the demolition team and the residents, a policeman was hit by a dart in the buttocks.

Duterte arrived just as the demolition team was advancing.

Apparently exhausted from dealing with the floods that hit certain parts of Talomo district, Duterte told the team that she did not want bloodshed.

“I was in the middle of 13,000 people who were badly in need of assistance and here you are doing this?” she said.

She told the team that as early as Thursday, she asked the court to delay the demolition because the residents were ready to fight back and she knew it would turn bloody.

She asked the team to stay the execution of the court order for two more hours, but Andres refused.

“Is that difficult to do when I have successfully done it and I am a woman?” Duterte said, and then asked: “Where is the sheriff?”

Andres emerged and Duterte said: “Dali, sir (Come here, sir).”

As the sheriff was approaching, Duterte punched him twice in the face. When he tried to get away, she held him by the nape and continued punching him.

The mayor then told the stunned members of the team and the police not to proceed with the demolition. “Ayaw, ayaw (Don’t, don’t)!” she said.

The team dispersed and Andres was led away.

‘We’ll defend our rights’

Per the account of Minda Saison, vice chair of the United Settlers Association, the residents were being forced out of the lot claimed by a Jaime Uy of Davao Enterprise Corp.

They received a court order on June 23 telling them to vacate the area. The next day, their lawyer tried to file an appeal but it was not until yesterday that he was able to do so in Cagayan de Oro City.

They asked the demolition team to wait for the court decision but they were ignored.

“[We] will defend our rights. We will not allow them to demolish our properties while we are still waiting for the court’s ruling on our petition for the issuance of a temporary restraining order,” Saison said.

Duterte later admitted to reporters that she was angered by how the sheriff insisted on serving the notice for eviction.

“I was asking for only two hours. Two hours. Why can’t you give that to us? Why do you insist on serving the notice? Do you think the residents will just allow you to demolish their houses without them putting up a fight?” she said.

She added that she managed to convince the residents to agree to relocation after the incident.

Duterte said she was really upset, especially with Judge Carpio, a relative of her husband. She said she had been calling Carpio to at least suspend the demolition, to no avail.

10-day deferment

Carpio declined to comment, saying Duterte’s husband was his nephew.

But he showed the Inquirer a document he had signed ordering the deferment of the demolition, “if only to defuse the social unrest and explosive atmosphere that presently pervade the area in controversy, and to avoid possible bloodshed.”

The deferment took effect Friday and will last for 10 days.

More photos of the demolition here:

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