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Trained govt workers on ICT and discovered Pinamungajan’s beauty

The UP Cebu Department of Computer Science, a CHED Center of Excellence grantee, went to Pinamungajan, Cebu last April 24-26 to conduct an ICT skills enhancement training for government workers and teachers of the 3rd congressional district.

The ICT training covered topics in office productivity applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and basic computer operations and troubleshooting.

DCS TARP (480x360)

I was designated to discuss effective slide presentations. To provide a “local feel” to my talk, I made a quick research on Pinamungajan and Toledo City since most of our audience came from the two places.

While scouring the net, I got amazed that Pinamungajan actually has a lot of destinations to please different types of tourists. From their local government website,, here are the town’s top attractions:

1. Hidden Valley Mountain Resort

Hidden Valley Mountain Resort
Hidden Valley Mountain Resort – a rather secluded mountain resort which offer cold spring pools, photo friendly dinosaur fixtures, and overnight accommodations. (Photo taken from Pinamungajan local government website.)

We were fortunately given a free tour by the staff of the local government after our Friday session and got to experience what the town website says as: “an adventure in itself as the road winds its way up over scenic rice fields and mountains.” The night time ride allowed us to view the field of stars usually hidden by Cebu City’s lights.

We skipped swimming in their cold pools and instead sang a videoke song or two.

2. Twin falls: Udlom and Sinungkulan Falls

Udlom and Sinungkulan Falls (Photo taken from Pinamungajan local government website.)
Udlom and Sinungkulan Falls (Photo taken from Pinamungajan local government website.)

Would have wanted to take a view and a dip into these beauty but we didn’t have time to spare. Sinungkulan is said to be visible when you’re at Hidden Valley Mountain Resort, as both are located in Barangay Lamac, but the night’s darkness also prevented us a view.

3. Tajao Public Beach

20140425_065407 (400x300)

We were billeted at Park Place Resort and had Tajao’s public beach as our backyard. The beach has black sand and sports very clean waters. Morning strolls give you a glimpse of the fishing community.

20140425_065447 (400x300)
Cottages of Park Place Resort. The resort is one of the few resorts lining the Tajao public beach.
20140425_065518 (400x300)
Trying out a selfeet featuring the sands of Tajao.

4. Sunsets

Pinamungajan, being a midwest town, has a spectacular view of the sunset. Their local website describes the sunset experience as: Whether from a bench in the municipal plaza or from the beaches in Tajao, the spectacular view never fails to refresh a weary soul.”

20140424_174013 (400x300)
Sunset as seen from our room terrace.

5. Mangroves

Photo taken from the Pinamungajan local website.

On our way to the training venue from our accommodation, we get to pass by the ever growing mangroves of Pinamungajan. Would have wanted to ride a banca to cruise along the river which is lined by a mangrove forest quite similar to Bojo River of Aloguinsan town.

Felt fulfilled by the three-day ICT skills training as I can clearly see the participants’ keen interest to our discussions. Hopefully, the training would help them in delivering better public service and that they will be able to pass on the knowledge to others.

20140424_114637 (300x400)

DSC00244 (400x300)

DSC00273 (400x300)

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MP: Ninja Master

Project Name: NINJA MASTER

Description: Ninja Master is an array-based game where the user takes on the role of Hideyori the Ninja. Hideyori’s mission is to defend his village from the onslaught of misguided ninjas.

The different functionalities that must be supported by your program are listed below. You may also create other functions that you deem necessary to implement the program.

When the Ninja Master program is opened, the system will check whether there is data in the ninja record text file. If there is none, default values for Hideyori are loaded. If records are found, the attribute values stored in the ninja record text file are loaded.

The Ninja Master program has two modes: Administrator and Player. There should be a menu where the user will choose either of the two modes.

>> In Administrator mode, the user can do the following:
1. Modify the attributes of Hideyori. Hideyori has the following default attributes:
i. Health Level: 100 points
ii. Current Health Level: 100 points
iii. Ninja Clothes Color: White

2. Add an enemy ninja.
An enemy ninja has the following attributes which the user must provide:
i. Name
ii. Ninja ID
iii. Health Level
iv. Current Health Level
v. Ninja Clothes Color

3. Modify an enemy ninja. The attributes of a ninja.
4. Delete an enemy ninja.
5. Save Ninja Records. Save the attribute values of Hideyori and the enemy ninjas to a text file.
6. Modify administrator password.
7. Back to Menu.

>> If Player mode is selected, the program will check whether there are enemy ninjas in the array. If there is none, Hideyori will proceed with his regular village life. If enemy ninja/s is/are found, Hideyori’s mission begins. Hideyori will have to fight at most ten (10) enemy ninjas (depending on the number of ninja/s stored in the array) in his mission to defend his village. Hideyori must survive the whole ten (10) battles to successfully defend his village.

1. Before a battle, Hideyori may choose to Prepare for Battle or Attack Instantly.
i. If Prepare for Battle is selected, Hideyori regains full health. However, the enemy ninja will be the first to attack.
ii. If Attack Instantly is selected, Hideyori attacks the enemy ninja first. However, his health level from the previous battle will be retained.

2. Each battle is a battle for survival for Hideyori. In order to face the next enemy ninja, he must be able to defeat the current enemy ninja. An enemy ninja is defeated only when his/her health level becomes or goes below zero. Similarly, Hideyori is defeated only when his health level becomes or goes below zero.

3. In a battle, Hideyori may attack using:
i. Fist – Causes 10 points damage to the health of an enemy ninja.
ii.Stick – Causes 20 points damage to the health of an enemy ninja.
iii. Shuriken – Causes 30 points damage to the health of an enemy ninja. When Hideyori uses a Shuriken, his health is reduced by 5 points.
iv. Sword – Causes 50 points damage to the health of an enemy ninja. When Hideyori uses a Shuriken, his health is reduced by 15 points.

4. An enemy ninja may attack using:
i. Fist – Causes 10 points damage to the health of Hideyori.
ii. Stone – Causes 20 points damage to the health of Hideyori.
iii. Spike – Causes 30 points damage to the health of Hideyori.
iv. Sword – Causes 50 points damage to the health of Hideyori.

Each turn, the enemy attack is random.

5. Back to menu.

Other Features:

1. Programmer must create the necessary menus and functions that he/she deems fit for the Ninja Master program.
2. The creation of menus must take into account order and navigability.
3. The system will close only when the user signifies that he/she wants to stop using the Ninja Master.
4. Programmer is given the leeway to add other features that he/she deems fit.

We also suggest people to check the site where they will find the best ways of getting to a Challenger level on their favorite games.

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After the fire

Despite the rainy season, sirens of firetrucks have blared all over Metro Cebu almost on a daily basis. Fires have engulfed many of the depressed areas of the city. Narrow roads, alleyways impassable to vehicles have aggravated the damage and extent of the recent fires.

Tragic as it is, fires that have ravaged many areas of the city expose the wide economic gap between the rich and the poor. Fires that start from the homes of the rich get put out quickly, while those that raze the poor’s homes seem obstinate and more destructive.

Last week, August 17, it came as a shock when I heard about the fire that gutted a large portion of Barangays Carreta and Tejero. The destruction came just 30 minutes after my students visited the area of Tejero for the National Service Training Program assignment.

Today, my whole NSTP class visited Brgy. Carreta to see the extent of the damage of the blaze and interview the victims who remain there without proper shelter.

Here are some of the photos I took:










Despite the predicament, the smiles of the young remind us of a future we seek to build. A future that is more compassionate to the poor. A future that can only be built through a different kind of fire.

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Almost a thousand from the UP Cebu community took the streets to demand Dean Avila's ouster last March.

The news about the dismissal by the Cebu City Prosecutors’ Office of the libel case against me brought tremendous relief and inspiration to me. Truly, the vigilant watch of colleagues and students hand in hand with our highly committed and principled defense lawyers proved more powerful than the baseless libel complaint of UP Cebu Dean Dr. Enrique Avila.

While confident that the libel case will never progress, it had caused me undue stress, troubled sleep and financial distress. I thank the students from the Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante and League of Filipino Students who never faltered in their support to the UP Cebu 10 and the 5 job order workers. We clinched another victory and it is time to clinch more victories in the Avila Ouster Movement.

The moment has come to break the inertia brought about by the summer break; it is time to end the reluctance caused by the fear that came with the several charges leveled by the Avila camp. Let us invigorate the movement we ignited last March and bring UP Cebu to an autonomy guided by democratic governance, collegiality, genuine development and service.

A tall order lies ahead. We shall persist in defending the remaining nine professors and workers still facing a libel complaint and the job-order workers in their perjury case. Most importantly, we shall vigilantly keep watch of the upcoming marathon hearings on the administrative case against Avila, Sharif and Pineda and support the process toward their eventual dismissal.

Padayon sa militanteng pakigbisog hangtod sa kadaugan!

Oust Avila, Sharif and Pineda!
Bring back democracy in UP Cebu!

Chito Patiño
Instructor, UP Cebu College

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Dr. Wak-wak, please help us!

After a search from Google, Dr. Wakwak is not uniquely Filipino. But the name though, makes the game sound more playful than the English equivalent.

Here’s a description from

Human Knot

  • a get-to-know-you icebreaker
  • involves close physical proximity
  • can be used as a name game
  • helps a group learn about  how to work together
  • can also focus on group understanding of communication, leadership, problem solving, teamwork, trust, persistence, etc.

I had my CMSC 21 class do the Dr. Wakwak exercise as reprieve from the semester-long coding work. We had our make up class at the Hadsan Cove Resort, Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

Problem-solving need not be in code.




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I encountered a lot of questions lately why I’m regularly spotted with throngs of first year students on Wednesdays. When I say that I’m now handling one section of the NSTP-CWTS/LTS course, incredulous looks usually follow.

As an activist, I am exposed to the methods of people’s organizations particularly youth and worker formations so the direction towards community and youth organizing in the new NSTP module in UP Cebu is not a far-fetched task.

As proof though, here are a few pics of our first few meetings.

Retracing tambayan history






Collating data at Hadsan Tambayan




At work






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