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Removing bloatware from my Android phone

My Alcatel One Touch 918n is suffering from limited internal memory. While a good number of Android apps would be useful for my phone, the memory problem is such a hassle.

For those like me who cannot afford the more expensive smartphones, we have to deal with the problem and rely on some freewares for a better performing device.

Many of the pre-installed apps are rather useless and impractical to keep. Tried App2SD but there was no significant increase in memory space.

Luckily, after scouring for help via Google and some forum websites, I got to learn about rooting an Android phone. The procedure is quite confusing but a few ounce of patience got me through the task.

Now, to remove the bloatwares, I installed Root Uninstaller and was able to get around 50MB of new space. A good utility for a freeware app.

Just be careful not to delete system files, else, you will have to make a factory reset and go through all the hassle again.

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