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The best island for your peso… Olango

For those wanting a relaxed beach experience this summer, you should try Olango Island, Cebu. An island just about 30 minutes away from Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City. Olango offers adventurers an inexpensive vacation different from the crowded beaches of Mactan.

Armed with ready-to-grill meat, drinks and snacks, we ventured to this small island in the summer of 2009. We rented a kayak for just 100 pesos good for the whole day. The unli-kayak allowed us to see and paddle through mangroves and off to deeper waters relying mainly on our instincts to go left, right, forward and against the strong currents.

For those who want to mingle with the fishes and spy on the migratory birds, there are also boats which service island-hopping trips for around 1700 pesos.

Olango Island
Giving up on paddling and resorting to pulling.

Surfing with our multi-purpose kayak

The obligatory ‘jump shot’

Motorized boat to ferry us to Olango

The birds enjoy the still waters of early morning

Eating time! Don’t disturb the birdie

Manong bangkero

Island co-habitants

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