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Gone fishing in Tibiao River, Antique

Tibiao town, Antique is about a two-hour drive away from Boracay Island jump off point, Caticlan. Tourism in this sleepy town is starting to pick up with Malalison / Mararison Island drawing droves of tourists.  The development of the Tibiao Eco-Adventure park has also complemented tourism efforts.

The attractions in Tibiao Eco-Adventure Park hinge on the beauty of the Tibiao River with its infinite flow of clear waters gushing along its rocky channel. White water rafting, ziplines, waterfalls trekking, and the Kawa hot bath are among the activities one can avail here.

While observing Tibiao River for our hazard mapping  project, I spotted some kids scouring for fishes, shrimps, and shells in Tibiao River, Antique. This barkada spent hours diving, spearfishing with their home-made pana / arrows, and turning rocks for a catch good for lunch and/or dinner.

One of the beautiful sights of Tibiao River in Antique. The mini-falls is formed from a small dam near the Kawa Hot Bath.

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