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A Taste of Iloilo

By force of circumstance, Iloilo has become one of my frequented places outside Cebu. Joined student congresses there back in college, faculty meetings / trainings when I was an instructor in the state university, and project presentations / field work for my present job.

However, the several visits to Iloilo City were pretty brief so food tasting were just limited to talaba, biscocho, and butterscotchMy Iloilo heritage tours were just quick visits to get photo clicks of old mansions and churches. (Photos were taken December, 2013.)

Wawa Heritage Restaurant.

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Going a bit Swiss in Cebu

Cafe de Geneve
Quite a pricey try of Swiss food.

Scoured Trip Advisor for reviews of Cebu City’s best restaurants for a despedida (farewell) dinner for a friend who is about to leave for the US. The positive reviews pointed us to Cafe de Geneve which serves, according to their Facebook page, “healthy, homemade Swiss and international cuisine, wine, cocktails and more.”

For a group that is not well-acquainted with European dish, we had to rely to the recommendations of the cafe’s friendly staff. We ended up trying out their three (3) main dishes: Moroccan meatballs, Zurich chicken, and beef bourguignon. The food tasted well and quite different to taste buds accustomed with Filipino dish –as expected.





After the dish, time to dish out some bills. The cafe is not wallet-friendly for those scrimping on money. Belatedly, realized that the reviews which asked for larger servings where implicitly complaining of the price per serving. Price per meal usually starts at P300.00.

Prices aside, Cafe de Geneve is worth the visit especially for those who wish to enjoy an intimate ambiance and European food experience in Cebu.


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Lunch at Yugo Yakiniku

Yugo Yakiniku Smokeless GrillLuck made me win Yugo Yakiniku‘s Facebook promo as its 500th Liker. “There’s no such thing as free lunch” was temporarily forgotten when they awarded me with a free lunch buffet at their restaurant at Crown 7 Building along Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City.

Yugo Yakiniku serves a buffet with a great selection of Chinese, Korean and Japanese dishes. First impression frightened me a bit as I only saw a few familiar Chinese dishes and mostly raw, marinated meat. After a good introduction from their helpful crew, I got the hang of their on-the-table grill and their food selection. Eating oriental is quite novel as my only experience with such kind of food is eating pansit canton, siomai sa Tisa, siopao, and some of the noodles of Chowking.

Raw, marinated meat of chicken, fish, pork and beef will greet you in one of their bars.

The food is amazing. Their buffet will surely fill your stomach. Volumes of food in one sitting will tend to overwhelm you with the taste of spices and salt so it is recommended to make your eating slow. Else, you’ll pay double the amount.

Yugo’s on-the-table-grill. You’ll see some smoke but you are never swamped with the smell of grill from other tables.
Chomp on food in batches or you might end up desperate to finish platefuls.
Aside from the oriental cuisine, Yugo also serves desserts.

Regular rate for their eat all you can buffet is Php 350 during lunch and Php 470 for dinner. An addition of Php 65 for unlimited drink.

Yugo’s clean ambience.



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