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Hotel hopping in Iloilo

The hotel you find for your vacation plays a significant part of how much you will enjoy your time. Even the most beautiful tourist spots will be forgotten if you get yourself into a bad hotel.  To avoid this problem, I refer to discounted agency travel packages to get an idea of the hotels to check out. TripAdvisor is a good resource too.

Since I have been hopping between Iloilo and Cebu lately, I would just like to share short reviews of the hotels I have stayed in in my short trips to this quaint city.


Richmonde Hotel

Richmonde Hotel
Richmonde Hotel sits right in the middle of the new Iloilo Business Park.

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Gigantes Islands

Located in Iloilo’s north, the beautiful Gigantes Islands of Carles Municipality share the Visayan Sea with the fisherfolks of Negros Occidental and Cebu. Going there would take around 2 hours of land travel (private vehicle) from Iloilo City to Estancia port and another 3 hours through the sea on a motorized banca from Estancia town.

The boat-ride is quite rough so those who are prone to sea-sickness or motion-sickness better take some medicine beforehand.

Your island hopping itinerary would be a mix of white islands and sandbar, the blue sea, a “living” cave, and good dose of fun minus the distraction of a mobile connection. To top that, cheap fresh seafoods abound. Shells sell at around 200 pesos to fill a basin.

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Snapshots of Iloilo

Visited Iloilo City again twice this month. Work has been a fly in and out affair from Cebu to Iloilo lately. During breaks, I got to visit somewhere new in Iloilo.

@ West Visayas State University (WVSU)

Founded 1902, West Visayas State University is among the oldest state university’s in the country predating even the University of the Philippines which started in 1908.

The university began in June 16, 1902 as Iloilo Normal School. It became West Visayas State College in 1965 and, eventually, became West Visayas State University in 1986. Continue reading Snapshots of Iloilo

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A Taste of Iloilo

By force of circumstance, Iloilo has become one of my frequented places outside Cebu. Joined student congresses there back in college, faculty meetings / trainings when I was an instructor in the state university, and project presentations / field work for my present job.

However, the several visits to Iloilo City were pretty brief so food tasting were just limited to talaba, biscocho, and butterscotchMy Iloilo heritage tours were just quick visits to get photo clicks of old mansions and churches. (Photos were taken December, 2013.)

Wawa Heritage Restaurant.

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