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Making Fun of the “More Fun” Slogan

Here’s a list of funny localized adaptations of the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” slogan that have gone viral.

REPOST: Since we already have the #itsmorefuninthephilippines, maybe we can also have some of these Philippines domestic tourism slogans:

– Boracay, You Sexy Beach!
– Haller, Baler!
– Bohol: Go To Hill!
– Be Cool, Bicol!
– Thank you, Camiguin!
– Maliit Navotas, Lumalaki!
– We Fly High In Capiz!
– Go Gaga In Naga!
– Kaibigan, Punta Na Sa Vigan!
– Virac, You Rock!
– Kamuning Get Me!
– Better Leyte Than Never!
– Whee! Tawi-Tawi!
– Walang Aayaw Sa Apayao!
– Maraming Gig Sa Taguig!
– Bongga Ka Day, Sa Norzagaray!
– I wanna dance with Zambales, I wanna feel the heat with Zambales!
-Magpabongga sa Zamboanga
-Lampake sa paranaque
-Mapapabow ka sa Cubao
-More than a family, we’re Aklan
-Sige pa! Sige pa! Sige! Pasig!
– It’s not new, it’s Antique!
– Not just a Pastor, but also Aparri!

A lot of “It’s More Fun…” photos have also mushroomed over the weekend. Below is my favorite (posted by Nicola Berbano at the It’s More Fun in the Philippines page in Facebook).

Gloria Cosplay

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