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Virtual firecrackers for a safe new year celebration

While waiting at the carwash station, an old customer suddenly quipped about the continued practice of greeting the new year with firecrackers. I shared that government action through enactment of laws and their strict enforcement would have served to prevent the loss of life, limb and property due to firecrackers.

To prevent or at least reduce injuries, death and/or fires, the Department of Health rolled out a compilation of MP3s as substitute to the bang of firecrackers (You may download the DOH’s New Year album here: http://safestfirecracker.com/). This is still a far-cry from actual enactment and enforcement of policies to prevent the dangers posed by firecrackers.

When the clock hits 12AM, January 1, 2012, I’ll try out the Fireworks Symphony of the virtual firecracker audio compilation to welcome the year 2012!

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