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Lambug Beach: Go while the beach is still virgin

1511354_10202500608495055_698914155312602297_nIf Moalboal’s beach (Basdaku) and Badian’s Kawasan Falls are too crowded for you, head straight to Lambug Beach. Located in Badian, Cebu, Lambug Beach (sometimes spelled Lambog) is about midway between the two more popular Cebu summer destinations mentioned.

Lambug Beach is very much like Moalboal’s white beach: fine off-white sands, beautiful sunset, and clear waters minus the busy and crowded feel on weekends and holidays. Bonus: a number of live corals at shallow depths during low tide.

A quick scan of blogs featuring Lambug Beach, show common descriptors of this destination as virgin, unnoticed, not-so-famous, and less crowded. But, economic activity is starting to pick up with cottages, stores, and small resorts starting to dot the beach. Better make an immediate visit to Lambug while business has not spoiled the beautiful place.

Golden sun. Sunset at Lambug Beach gives a golden opportunity for photo ops.
Golden sun. Sunset at Lambug Beach gives a golden opportunity for photo ops.
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Cottages and stalls greet you at the entrance.
Array of choices
Array of choices

How to get to Lambug Beach, Badian

Take the corner from the national highway to Lambug Beach.
Take the corner from the national highway to Lambug Beach. Motorcycles are also available for hire.

To go there, if you’re from Moalboal, ride a Moalboal-Badian multicab and go further south until you see the billboard of the Badian International Golf Course and Resort. Take a habal-habal ride to get you there directly. If you have your own vehicle, take the right turn and just follow the road, around 1.5km of hilly but paved road. From Cebu City, take a Cebu – Bato via Barili Bus.

Once you pass by the golf course gates, take a few more meters until you see a junction. Turn left and you’ll be at the public parking area in 1-3 minutes. (You’ll find a “This way to Grandeur Resort sign.” Grandeur Resort seems to be biggest among the sprouting resorts in this public beach.)

UPDATE 5/28/14: Grandeur Resort charges an expensive 2,000.00 for a small aircon room for two. This cost does not come with the usual toiletries, towels, breakfast, and friendly staff.

Grandeu Resort contact numbers.
Grandeur Resort contact numbers: 0926-2789880, 0908-9992490, 0933-3383686


Originally, planned to go to Osmeña Peak last Saturday to make the traverse to Kawasan Falls and then Lambug Beach. But due to a sudden change in the internship schedule of my companions, the Opeak trek was shelved and we decided instead to make a road trip to Kawasan (Also read my blog on Cebu waterfalls.) and then Lambug.

Too crowded!
Too crowded!

Kawasan Falls is very much elegant with its multi-level drops and pools. However, too much commerce has spoiled the destination. Too many guests, make it a bit uncomfortable to swim especially at the first level.

Parking area near the national highway charges an expensive Php 100.00 per vehicle. You may drive to the interior, closer to the falls, to get a cheaper arrangement of Php 20.00 parking fee.

Rental rate for cottages, tables is Php 300.00. Way too much for a setup very similar to Larsians and other grill areas in Cebu.

Rafting to move you directly under the falls will cost Php 300.00 per group. Highly expensive if you compare this to whole day island hopping packages in other provinces which charge as little as Php 700.00 with free lunch.

Enjoying the ice cold water. Pseudo-swimming on.
Enjoying the ice cold water. Pseudo-swimming on.

After two hours of pseudo-swimming in the pools of Kawasan, we went to Lambug Beach. The road going there is quite a similar experience when going to Basdaku. Thought that there will be a big Lambug Beach billboard along the road so we missed the left turn junction and had to ask for directions from cows  (hehe. a good number of graze along the route) and locals.

Countryside feel
Countryside feel

Lambug Beach more than made up for the crowded Kawasan experience. Sunset was great and gave us the golden light for nice photo effects.

I’m hopeful, Badian and Cebu province officials take pro-active steps to preserve the natural allure of Lambug Beach. The corals which we rarely see among Cebu’s beaches should be protected through environment-friendly regulations over the temptations of tourism money.

PS. Just returned a few days back and was charged Php 100.00 parking fee on a public lot by a videoke owner.

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All photos from Danya with CJ and me alternating as photographers.

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