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After the fire

Despite the rainy season, sirens of firetrucks have blared all over Metro Cebu almost on a daily basis. Fires have engulfed many of the depressed areas of the city. Narrow roads, alleyways impassable to vehicles have aggravated the damage and extent of the recent fires.

Tragic as it is, fires that have ravaged many areas of the city expose the wide economic gap between the rich and the poor. Fires that start from the homes of the rich get put out quickly, while those that raze the poor’s homes seem obstinate and more destructive.

Last week, August 17, it came as a shock when I heard about the fire that gutted a large portion of Barangays Carreta and Tejero. The destruction came just 30 minutes after my students visited the area of Tejero for the National Service Training Program assignment.

Today, my whole NSTP class visited Brgy. Carreta to see the extent of the damage of the blaze and interview the victims who remain there without proper shelter.

Here are some of the photos I took:










Despite the predicament, the smiles of the young remind us of a future we seek to build. A future that is more compassionate to the poor. A future that can only be built through a different kind of fire.

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