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Canigao Island

Canigao Island of Matalom, Leyte is my first trip in Eastern Visayas as a tourist. I once visited Palo and Tacloban, Leyte during a leadership conference a decade back but didn’t have a chance to tour around.

At work, our colleague in UP Cebu pitched for this lovely island for our summer vacation / adventure last year. We conceded gladly after a quick check over the Internet of photos featuring Canigao Island (Due also to a hospitable offer that her family in Matalom will send us off with food :)). Continue reading Canigao Island

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UP Cebu: 10-year before and after

UP Cebu Admin Building
UP Cebu Admin Building (c) 2013

It has been ten years since UP Cebu Batch 2005, Tribu Dos Singko, graduated from college. In the recent two years, much has changed in the campus.

1. Arts and Sciences Building and Parking Lot

For a long time, we had to endure the mud, dust, rain, and/or heat to go to classes in the Arts and Sciences Building. It was sometime in 2004 when the Student Council was able to convince the Cebu Provincial Government to prioritize the paving of the walk going to/from the AS Building. The province decided to construct the parking lot including a catwalk for the students. Continue reading UP Cebu: 10-year before and after

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UP Cebu Library is back!


The UP Cebu Main Library is now back in operation in time for the start of the 1st Semester of this school year. Two years after it was closed and relocated into smaller libraries, it is again home in its familiar building. The building had to be retrofitted and reinforced after the 2013 earthquake (epicenter in Bohol) exposed concerns regarding the structure.

Those who are used to its olden look since its establishment two decades back are in for a surprise. Modern, spacious, and furnished with workstations, the new library would be a go to place to study, and, of course, tambay and sleep.

As for the book collection, I hope significant additions are on the way.

UP Cebu Library
The building, which houses the UP Cebu Library and Conference Hall, is standing again after the needed retrofitting and reinforcement.
UP Cebu Library
The Mac for those who wish to access online journals and ebooks.
UP Cebu Library
Comfy seats
UP Cebu Library
Individual workstations for those who wish to study alone.

11709655_397491513795336_1931036851946607371_n 11816853_397491460462008_2329949199269253755_n

(All photos grabbed from UP Cebu Library Facebook Page.

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Miriam (banat) jokes

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago recently graced the UP Cebu graduation as its guest
speaker. Widely anticipated were her jokes:

Use Obama in a sentence.

Answer: If I’m all alone, I’m Obama-self. Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is the guest speaker at UP Cebu's graduation rites.

If you want to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend after graduation, Sen. Santiago gave these witty lines:

Password ka ba?


Hindi kasi kita kayang kalimutan pero kaya kitang palitan.

If that is not enough to convince your partner, the Miriam says:

Bachelor’s degree ka ba?


Kasi tapos na ako sa iyo.

Finally, a harsher one:

Summer ka ba?


Kasi wala kang class.

Keeping up with The Legal Wife theme:

I have one husband.

And as far as I can tell he seems to be morally disciplined. At least when I’m around.

Corruption and politics were also the theme of her jokes:

“Sa tindi ng traffic sa Manila, asahan mo masasagupa mo mga driver na mga may road rage, drug addicts, sex addicts. May isa rin sa Senado.”

“Nagkaroon ng pagkakataon ng tig-isang tanong kay God ang mga Presidente ng China, USA at Pilipinas,

Nauna ang China

CHINA: God kailan mawawala sa bansa ko ang corruption at kahirapan?
GOD: 300 years anak.
CHINA: Umiyak ang presidente ng China. Naku patay nako niyan.

Sumunod nagtanong ang USA

USA: God kailan mawawala sa bansa ko ang corruption at kahirapan?
GOD: 500 years anak.
USA: umiyak ang presidente ng USA, patay nako bago mangyari yan

Sumunod nagtanong ang presidente ng Pilipinas.

PILIPINAS: God kailan po mawawala sa bansa ko ang corruption at kahirapan?

Umiyak si God.


She also dished out a classic Juan Tamad joke:

Teacher asks students: Ano gusto mo paglaki mo?
Pedro: Gusto ko tulong kapwa.
Jose: Gusto ko doktor para tulong kapwa.
Kiko: Gusto ko mayor para tulong kapwa.
Maria: Gusto lingkod kapwa.
Juan Tamad: Gusto ko maging KAPWA.

Here is the full video of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s speech by ACT-UP Cebu:

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Cookout 2008 | Freshies then, Seniors now

With the UP Cebu Cookout 2011 just a few weeks from now, I am re-posting some pictures three years back of the “biggest campus event in Cebu City”. The event is a deviation from the grueling academics; and a digression favoring discussion of pressing issues of the times.

Back in 2008, the seniors now were freshies then. Here are some photos of Cookout 2008 (mostly preps of NKE and LFS for the Rampahan).




















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Almost a thousand from the UP Cebu community took the streets to demand Dean Avila's ouster last March.

The news about the dismissal by the Cebu City Prosecutors’ Office of the libel case against me brought tremendous relief and inspiration to me. Truly, the vigilant watch of colleagues and students hand in hand with our highly committed and principled defense lawyers proved more powerful than the baseless libel complaint of UP Cebu Dean Dr. Enrique Avila.

While confident that the libel case will never progress, it had caused me undue stress, troubled sleep and financial distress. I thank the students from the Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante and League of Filipino Students who never faltered in their support to the UP Cebu 10 and the 5 job order workers. We clinched another victory and it is time to clinch more victories in the Avila Ouster Movement.

The moment has come to break the inertia brought about by the summer break; it is time to end the reluctance caused by the fear that came with the several charges leveled by the Avila camp. Let us invigorate the movement we ignited last March and bring UP Cebu to an autonomy guided by democratic governance, collegiality, genuine development and service.

A tall order lies ahead. We shall persist in defending the remaining nine professors and workers still facing a libel complaint and the job-order workers in their perjury case. Most importantly, we shall vigilantly keep watch of the upcoming marathon hearings on the administrative case against Avila, Sharif and Pineda and support the process toward their eventual dismissal.

Padayon sa militanteng pakigbisog hangtod sa kadaugan!

Oust Avila, Sharif and Pineda!
Bring back democracy in UP Cebu!

Chito Patiño
Instructor, UP Cebu College

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Acid test

Ready to Strike

The upcoming search for the cluster heads in UP Cebu will be the acid test of the OIC leadership. UP Cebu, as per the structure approved by the BOR, will consist of four clusters namely: Sciences (NSMD and DCS), Social Sciences (SSD and PED), Humanities and Management.

Nominations will start this Monday.

We will see if there will be a credible search process and more importantly, a credible selection and appointment of cluster heads. Democratic consultation and respect to the voice of the majority must be the guiding rule. The UP Cebu community will no longer accept appointments made mainly on the basis of executive (i.e. dean’s) prerogative.

The All UP Academic Employees Union, All UP Workers Union, and the different student formations will be vigilantly watching the whole search process for the cluster heads.

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I encountered a lot of questions lately why I’m regularly spotted with throngs of first year students on Wednesdays. When I say that I’m now handling one section of the NSTP-CWTS/LTS course, incredulous looks usually follow.

As an activist, I am exposed to the methods of people’s organizations particularly youth and worker formations so the direction towards community and youth organizing in the new NSTP module in UP Cebu is not a far-fetched task.

As proof though, here are a few pics of our first few meetings.

Retracing tambayan history






Collating data at Hadsan Tambayan




At work






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Same old, same old

same old same old

“used to say that a situation or someone’s behaviour remains the same, especially when it is boring or annoying” – Cambridge Dictionaries Online (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/same-old-same-old)

The UP Cebu Multi-Sectoral Assembly held earlier revealed the true character of the present administration in the college. Clearly, the present leadership is also taking the path distant from that of good and responsive governance. While the lifespan of the new administration will be short, just 90 days, its leaders have an opportunity to improve the processes and policies of the college.

It was funny how I was accused earlier of “not listening” when it is the present administration who cannot (errr… refuse) to hear the pleas of the students. While funds can easily be allocated for aesthetically-lacking water fountains, funds become difficult to locate for the opening of the two gates. While some rules can be flexed, rules become as hard as stone when students just want to take part in discussions at the executive committee.

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